Have you grown sick and tired of such high prices when you run of your HP ink?. Perhaps you have even found yourself holding out between that "empty cartridge" warning and the dreaded shopping trip, but fear not. Worry no more, there are a ton of ways to save on Hewlett-Packard ink.

Probably the quickest way to save money on HP ink is by going different sources to find who has the best price Just like any product, different vendors have different prices on their product depending on what kind of deal they can get. A great place to compare prices is www. Google.com/products. This site, and others like it, has done a lot of the work for you, displaying a list of the vendors and their prices for the product you enter into the search line.

Purchasing your ink in bulk from a membership based retailer is another great way to save some additional money as well. When you purchase things in bulk, the cost to the manufacturers are significantly less and they pass these savings on to the customer.

Getting an ink refill kit is another choice when trying to save when purchasing ink. These refill kits can be bought in ink supply stores or online. The price of these kits tend to vary depending on the amount of ink they come with. If you want to buy online, simply search the number of the cartridge and HP ink refill kit, for example "97 HP ink refill kit." Typically these kits come with a basic guide or instructions on how to refill your old cartridge. The basic principal is simple. You are asked to pierce holes located on the cartridge, insert a needle that tops the bottle of ink into the holes and slowly fill. Once filled you can easily cover up the holes with a piece of included tap and insert them back into your computer ready to be used once again.

If you don't want to fool with refilling your ink cartridge or think bargain hunting for new cartridges is still too costly, consider purchasing a re-manufactured ink cartridge. There are a lot of great companies that design cartridges to fit a whole variety of HP models. To find these perform a search such as "HP 97 compatible" in a price comparison site like that mentioned above. These cartridges are from used original cartridges that are cleaned and refilled while replacing any broken parts, this allows them to be sold at a much lower price than getting a brand new cartridge.

Lastly you can always get a new printer which normally comes with ink in it. Printer prices have gone down over the years making them a viable choice. Another reason for getting a new printer is that you may prefer and different brand, or another brands replacement cartridges may be a lot cheaper as a whole.

No matter if you are a loyal HP customer for life or you're considered trying another brand you can now rest at ease knowing that you can get the best deal on ink. Getting HP ink doesn't have to be a money issue any longer, as they should now fit into your budget.
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