The high speed document scanner is becoming the norm and, in fact, is now being treated as a status symbol in small and medium scale organizations. Typically speaking, popular debatable belief says that a company or firm that has one or more high speed document scanners installed is on its way to becoming big. The reason for this is, of course, the fact that having a high speed scanner means that the firm needs a lot of documents to be processed in a day, which implies that the business is growing. However, despite the rising interest in high speed scanners, there is still the problem of people not understanding what they are buying and hence not making a wise choice. This problem can be corrected with just a little more attention and focus on the features of the high speed scanner. The following are some features that a potential buyer should compare before deciding on any high speed document scanner.


Not all scanners are made alike. This means that the system requirements of many scanners might require special software or hardware to function. This can mean an additional financial investment that the buyer may not be ready for. Hence, the systems requirement details of the high speed document scanner should always be compared with the available software and hardware specifications of the office or house terminals.


Speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to purchasing a high speed document scanner. Although there is no established way to categorize scanners, there are roughly three varieties with respect to the scanning capability of scanners. This includes scanners that can manage two thousand pages per day, scanners that can process up to six thousand documents a day and scanners that have a throughput of up to a hundred thousand a day. Therefore, a potential buyer wanting a high speed scanner should be aware of his specific daily needs.


Needless to say, the resolution of the high speed document scanner is as important as the speed. The reason for this is that different people will require different resolution capabilities of the scanner. For example, if the potential buyer were a designer or graphic artist, then they would require a scanner with a resolution capability that is in the top end of the range. On the other hand, if the person buying the scanner only needs to scan text then the bottom end resolution feature will be more than enough.


There needs to be enough understanding of the feeder mechanism. For example, if the paper size is not going to get any bigger than A4 then it would be pointless looking for a high speed scanner with a flexible feeder system. However, if the paper size is going to vary then this fact takes on more importance.

The above four things are the most important to consider before purchasing a high speed document scanner because they focus on the most intrinsic aspect of the scanner.
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