Eden Eternal is one of many of the slue of free to play games to come out in the past few years. In a
budding genera Eden Eternal is free to play with an item market as most of the new generation of free
to play games utilize. At first glance it looks and feels like most of the other FTP games but there is
something very unique about this one.

First of all the graphics are up to par with the current standard of FTP games. A bit of cell shading
gives it a more vibrant and colorful look rather than the drab dull look that most FTP games have. The
character customization is lacking and they look like your typical anime characters. Combat and
maneuvering is your standard point click, use a special attack and repeat. There are also a variety of
standard quests and instances to explore but there is nothing out of the ordinary kill and retrieve

The one thing that makes Eden Eternal stand out is the class system. You start as either a warrior or
mage and build from there. But the kicker is you can switch between the classes at will ,each having
their own skill set and equipment. A few levels in you unlock the cleric, hunter, and rogue classes. You
can focus on one, a few or all classes and eventually unlock advanced hybrid classes like bards and
templars. If you find a particular monster hard to kill as a hunter for example you can change to any
class that you have unlocked right on the spot with out running back and finding a skill trainer. In a
group that needs a tank or healer, one can easily change to either making the process of finding a
group very easy and less time consuming than other games.

In the end Eden Eternal though stuck with the standard controls and graphics makes it mark with its
unique ability to let you make one character that utilizes all classes. That makes it fun to play and is
what matters most.

den Eternal is developed by X-Legend, the same game developer behind Grand Fantasia and Kitsu
Saga, both of which Aeria Games also publishes. The game bills some of its features as:

* The ability to change between the 15 playable classes at will.
* An epic storyline featuring mysterious half-animal races and a quest to bring peace to the land.
* The ability for guilds to create player towns, which offer markets, training, and a place for
community to gather.
* An extensive dye system that includes both common and rare dyes to specialize one's armor with.
* An achievement system that offers reputation and titles for in-game accomplishments.

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