Oracle is the well known language of this world which was developed by the Sun Corporation. This language was introduced in late 60`s. Many software existed in this world right now are made on this language. Basically the word oracle is taken from the Latin whose English meaning is "to speak". Sun Corporation which develop this programming language has an idea behind it which is; people should made their tailored software by using this language and this language should be renowned in this world so that people do not face difficulty in making and communicating the software. This idea centered the whole globe and now days same thing for which the company had developed this is going on. Much software which is developing for different field of the business is comprised on this "oracle" programming language. This language is getting enough popularity and need of the mankind; universities which are famous for the software; taught this programming language as an essential part of their studies.
Sun which develops this language has also developed many other languages such as Java and others. The company has also launched its operating system by the name of the Linux which is lighter as compare to others; lighter in a sense that it takes less power while working if seen in the context of others. Oracle is now available on net so that people can use it and make their own small software of their daily use. This language gave benefit to all without any discrimination. It is user friendly they prove of it is that it is wide available on internet so that people can use it rather it is language but it is lighter and take less space so that expert made its availability on internet, possible.
Mostly it is used for making the data bases for different user and system. This language has ability to make any type of database and it is proven by some big and international companies which are using their data bases comprised on this language. This option of making the data base are also available on internet so that people can made their databases whenever they needed but this require one thing that is knowledge about the language.
Some software which is made by using this language and is popular is: My SQL, oracle Linux, Oracle crystal ball, Oracle web logic server and data integration. These software are related to many different types of department such as my SQL is simple and use to create data bases in the business and this software is mostly use by the management department of the business. Same like my SQL, oracle Linux is the operating system which is now getting popularity day by day, this software is used to run gadget such as laptops and personal computers. This software does not require any special skill, home user can run this software use it easily along with Linux people are also using web browser which is fire fox. This web browser is also made by the same company.
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